I started this project as a game but slowly I became more and more keen on it.
I started looking for places that have a charm, a story to tell, abandoned places or breathtaking landscapes.
Art, photography, research of the right groove, creation of videos, history, passion, are the elements involved that have transported me from one episode to another.

This is the first series of episodes lasting 30 seconds each, so why not see them all?
Click on the photo to see the video and read the history of the place.


Sono stati pubblicati due interviste sui giornali di Varese e di Como, rispettivamente su La Prealpina e La Provincia, in cui si parla proprio di questo progetto.
Ecco le interviste e la foto degli articoli di giornale.

Look at all the episodes

The first episode is set on abandoned railroad tracks that once connected Italy and Switzerland. The second episode is set on the charming Lake Como with the snow-capped mountains.