Abandoned railway Como - Varese

The "Traversata" is a railway line that once connected Como and Varese.
It was finally closed in 1966 due to the low traffic and distance between the stations and the countries.
Currently it is totally disarmed and abandoned.
Along the way you can still find the toll booths and in the middle of the plants you can still see the remains of the train tracks.

The video is made in a straight line in the woods of Albiolo where even the plants seem to be able to get the best on the path.

The railway Background Ferrovieabbandonate.it Studies on the railway

Abandoned railway Como - Varese

Flora and Fauna of the place: if the flora is mainly characterized by shrubs of various kinds,
the fauna instead is composed only of dispersed cyclists.


Instrumentation used in this video:

  • Kick Drums 22" Yamaha Recording Custom
  • Meinl Byzance Transition Ride 21"
  • HH UFIP Natural Series 13"
  • Sonor Perfect Balance Jojo Mayer Signature Pedal
  • Drumsticks Vic Firth Jojo Mayer signature
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