Drummer, Percussionist and Street Artist dressed as a chef.
In this path I will present you what I do but, first of all, I want to tell you who I am.
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Who I am

Samuele Merino BatteristaMy name is Samuele Merino,
I was born in Varese on October 21st 1983.
I started studying drums at the age of 13 with the teacher Emilio Bonvini and then continued with teachers such as Ivan ciccarelli (Antonella Ruggiero), Christyan Meyer (Elio e le Storie Tese), Marco Iannetta e Jojo Mayer.



In the last years I've been working on several music and creative video projects. You can find them on my YouTube channel or on the Instagram and Facebook pages. There is also the video of the exhibition on Rai 1 (Italy's national public television), in the program "I Soliti Ignoti" conducted by Amadeus where I performed as a street artist.



Live con Angelo Maugeri a CantùI worked, and I still work, with different artists, singers and musicians. In 2008, I also participated in the Rio De Janeiro Carnival parade. In this section you can see the collaborations both in live situations and in the recording studio.


Play Drums Everywhere

Playing the drums requires a soundproof space where you do not disturb anyone.
But it's exciting play everywhere and above all, playing in places that have a story to tell and in places particularly fascinating for their landscape, or in abandoned places.
This is the first series of episodes of this project. Every episode lasts 30 seconds. So why not see them all?
Click on the photo to see the video and read the history of the place.

Social Media

You can stay up-to-date on my projects through social channels. Each channel has its own characteristics, so if you want to see drum lessons in Italian and music videos subscribe to the Youtube channel. Putting Like on the Facebook page you will find an update on my activities while on Instragam instead, you will find only photos and videos of my projects.

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Thank you
Samuele Merino