Musical projects

I'm not a person who likes to be on my hands.
Instead, I love producing, creating, inventing and looking for new ideas and for this reason I consider myself a highly creative person who certainly does not lack the famous lateral thinking.
In this section you will find some projects that I have realized over time.
With the project in which I dress as a chef and I play the pots I had the great satisfaction of playing in TV (Rai uno), instead with the project Play Drums Everywhere I'm shooting fantastic and mysterious places. And the DrumsAlive project that gave immense satisfactions.

Musical projects

Play Drums Everywhere

I started this project as a game and slowly I became more and more keen on it.
I started looking for places that have a charm, a story to tell, abandoned places or breathtaking landscapes.
Art, photography, research of the right groove, creation of videos, history, passion, are the elements involved that pushed me from one episode to another.
This is the first series of episodes of this project lasting 30 seconds each, so why not see them all?
Click on the photo to see the video and read the history of the place.

Kitchen Music

You know those street drummers who play everything?
Here, I do the same dressed as a chef.
Go to the dedicated page for videos and photos.



DrumsAlive is a group of drummers I'm the founder of.
We arrived to perform with 30 drummers from various parts of Italy: Milan, Turin, Lecco, Como, Varese, Novara etc.

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